8 Places to Visit near Kasol

Parvati River

The Beas river flows with grace pass by the Parvati Valley and the Parvati Valley moves towards the eastern side. The steep Valley runs through Bhuntar located in the district of Kullu and this place is visited mainly due to the Parvati River along with the Beas River converges and runs through the Parvati Valley offering the zone a pretty decent spot to enjoy the natural wonders. The little Israeli population residing in Kasol gives this place a taste of the Hippie culture that draws in a lot of tourists at Parvati River and Parvati Valley. The complete diversity of communities can be felt as you merge into one with nature. The Parvati river and Parvati Valley were named after Goddess Parvati who came to visit Shiva bereft of worldly pleasures.


If you are willing to go on a scenic tour through the wild and the green meadows then the Kheerganga trek is your destination. The lush greenery is present in the dense forests with a mystic charm emitting from it. The whole forest region is filled with huge pine trees, a large number of cascades and it is a divine place as well. Kheerganga is a pilgrimage site because it is believed to be the place where Lord Kartikeya meditated upon. From Kheerganga you will be offered a breathtaking view of the divine hot spring of Parvati Kund. The diversity in mixed culture between Indian culture and the Hippie culture combined in one makes it a place for all to merge.


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Located at a distance of 4 kilometers away from Kasol, Manikaran is settled on the Parvati river amidst the Parvati Valley. Manikaran is flocked by Hindu and Sikh pilgrims every year. According to the Hindu belief, it was Manu who had created life to cease at Manikaran after the flood caused by pralay (destruction), calling it out to be a sacred spot. Whereas the Sikh pilgrims visit this place for the Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara. It was believed that after Goddess Parvati dropped her earring the serpent lord Shesha took it in his realm and returned it after Lord Shiva performed his cosmic dance. It was said that the water body at Manikaran used to have jewels shot out till 1905. Manikaran is famous for many temples and Gurudwaras for pilgrimage. There is a hot spring by the Parvati river near the Manikaran Gurudwara.


Chalal Village

A shorter trek from Kasol, Chalal Village is going to offer you a moderate glimpse of their village life. This place is also known as the ‘Mini Israel’ of India. You have to walk over a suspension bridge located atop the Parvati river and the dense pine forests are going to enchant you on your 20 minutes trekking spot. The scenic beauty and the warm-hearted people with no form of illegal substances in the region make it a perfect spot for enjoying nature by the Parvati River with its population.


Hot Water Springs

The Hot Water Springs that runs along the Parvati River at Manikaran is a popular tourist site. The hot spring water is somewhat comforting that drives away stress for the ones getting down in the waters of the place. These hot water springs are also considered to be holy water bodies that offer the visitors a beautiful calmness running through the body.


Shiva Temple, Manikaran

The temple of Lord Shiva has been narrated in the Brahma Puran that once Goddess Parvati’s earring fell into the waters at Manikaran. It was taken under the possession of serpent lord Shesha. Sheshanag returned the earring to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati after he was mesmerized by Lord Shiva’s cosmic dance; tandava. It is said that one can cook in the warm waters of the hot water spring and till 1905 the waters of the Manikaran Shiva Temple carried precious stones with them. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati reside here as Ardha-Narishwar at Manikaran.


Pulga Village

Pulga Village offers a beautiful trip for solo travelers especially. The dense forests, the mountain ranges, tea gardens all combined in one title the place as the Fairy Forest that is still unfazed by modernity. The wooden and clay houses are going to take you back to the site of being in a world that can be compared to the primitives. The dense forests filled with pine trees and waterfalls are going to take you by wonder.


Naina Bhagawati Mandir

After Sheshanag returned the lost jewel of Goddess Parvati after Lord Shiva was furious with Sheshanag the jewel was pushed through the waters of Manikaran and then Goddess Parvati took it back. The place where Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati were meditating, a temple was set up there in commemoration of Goddess Naina (Parvati) and the temple of Lord Shiva was constructed near this temple as well.

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