Annual Confirmation Statement by Tax Accountant

It is mandatory for all UK and international corporations, to send their Annual Confirmation Statement by certified tax accountant to the HM Revenue and Customs. This statement is essential to prove compliance with UK tax laws and UK tax obligations. The tax accountant’s London office can prepare and file this document with the Companies Office. The basic information contained in the Annual Confirmation Statement covers personal information relating to the salary and wage of the person sending the statement, date of birth, UK residential address, company’s registration number, and the Company Name. These details are required to process the company tax. Other information such as bank account number and routing number are also required. Information on ownership of certain assets is also needed.

International Tax Accounting Firms

International tax accounting firms can assist you with your UK tax affairs. Most of the firms have highly qualified and experienced professionals with outstanding interpersonal skills and knowledge of UK tax laws. The experts in the accounting firms London office can prepare and file your documents in the most effective manner. An expert UK tax accountant can help you avoid tax liabilities to the UK authorities. Most people do not understand the concept of tax accounting or tax planning. The tax accountant’s London office provides assistance through an effective understanding of UK tax laws. They can handle all kinds of tax-related matters such as filing of tax returns, UK pension contributions, and UK profits. The tax accountant’s London office can prepare and file tax returns at the earliest.

Tax Accountant’s London

You can seek help from the tax accountant’s London office to settle your outstanding debts and unpaid tax bills. You can also request the tax accountants to settle outstanding tax bills you have filed. They can provide advice on tax planning for your business, investments, renting property, and so on. You can get tips on reducing your tax liability, and pay less tax amount. A tax accountant can help you prepare and file your annual confirmation statement for tax payment. You need not have to deal with the tedious task of preparing and submitting tax returns on your own. The professional tax accountants London office can simplify the process and make it quick.

Hire a Professional Tax Accountant

It is important to hire a professional tax accountant in case you are facing problems in the payment of taxes. You must be able to depend on them. Even if you have tax arrears or accrued tax still you can opt for the services of the tax accountants. Many people have taken loans from the tax accountant’s London office, but they were not able to pay the amount back. In such cases, they can help you resolve your tax issues. They can also negotiate the tax amount with the IRS. Most of the tax accountants are well equipped with complete knowledge about UK tax law. You can seek their assistance and advice in order to maximize the tax-free allowance that you are entitled to. Professional tax accountants in London offer their valuable services to their valuable customers. Therefore, don’t forget to check out the tax accountant’s website and get the best tax services.

The expiry date of the Confirmation Declaration


The confirmation letter must be sent to Companies House within 28 days:

  • the anniversary of the constitution of the last confirmation statement.

Web storage for your business

The confirmation statement can be submitted by Companies House Web filing.

Confirmation statement – Late deposit – No penalty

There is no “common” penalty for late submission if the annual return is submitted late.

Failure to submit the confirmation statement would allow Companies House to sue the company and its directors, which could result in a fine of £ 5,000 and dissolve the company.

Please note that late submission of annual financial statements or corporate tax returns will result in penalties.

People with Considerable Control


This blog and the Companies House guidelines explain the law and are designed to help you comply with it.

If you are the sole director/shareholder of your company, you are a PSC company, but you may not be the only one.

A PSC is someone in your company who:

  • owns more than 25% of the company’s shares
  • has the right to exercise, or actually exercise, significant control over a trust or company that satisfies one of the other 4 conditions.

Please note that a person who exercises significant influence or control without owning any shares or voting rights is also a PSC and must be publicly registered.


Certified Public Accountant

A certified public accountant (CPA) is licensed by the government to provide tax accounting and tax advice to individuals and businesses. You need to ask them for an annual confirmation stating your annual earnings and details about the tax due. This document is essential for both individuals and businesses. CPA may work independently or for a firm. There are many reputable firms with excellent tax accountants in London offering an annual confirmation statement by the tax accountants. A certified public accountant in London can handle all kinds of tax-related issues such as income tax, This is because the tax accountant in London should have knowledge of different taxation areas. Like, they should have knowledge about tax planning and tax relief. Like, they should have knowledge about tax laws of countries like US and UK.

Prepare your Financial Reports

Tax accountants London can help you prepare various kinds of financial reports such as your annual return, payment of tax, and balance sheet. London tax accountants also help you deal with internal accountant services. In addition, they can negotiate with your creditors on your behalf concerning tax payments and tax laws. Besides basic accounting skills, tax accountants London also requires knowledge and experience in other fields. For example, they need to have knowledge in international business and taxation laws of the UK and other countries. International tax rules can be very complex. Hence, it is best to have a tax accountant in London handle these matters on your behalf. London tax accountants can help you keep track of taxes due to both UK and foreign governments.


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