Top 4 CareLogic Medical Charting Alternatives 

About CareLogic

For a variety of reasons, CareLogic EHR is a very popular EHR system. To assist you keep track of your clinical documentation, CareLogic offers a smart SOAP notes feature. It makes it easier to jot them down and refer to them later! This CareLogic EHR tool helps you save time by making patient note taking as simple as possible.


The e-prescription tool in CareLogic EHR allows you to write prescriptions for clients electronically. This function allows you to make prescriptions safely since the software notifies you to any possible concerns. It also allows you to make prescriptions easy to obtain for your patients because they can just go to any pharmacy that is convenient for them.


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Users often talk about how brilliant CareLogic Medical Charting Software is and want to compare it to some other similar software. However, they fail to find good medical charting software. In this piece, we have come up with 4 similar software for you to check out and compare CareLogic with. Before we do that, let’s find out the reasons for how Medical Charting features/software can help you.


Benefits of Medical Charting

A good UX: This feature will help reduce charting errors and will help them understand the software easily.

Automatic carryover of demographic data: The charting module seamlessly transfers demographic data into the charting module, removing the need for physicians to manually enter demographic patient data.

Automated carryover of vital signs history: Previous vital indicators, such as height, weight, blood pressure, and heart rate history, will be carried over to the EHR platform. The physician will have easy access to the records in order to evaluate past vital data and look for changes.

Improved Efficiency: Errors will go down to zero as most tasks will be automated. There will be no delays and the whole process will be streamlined improving efficiency majorly.
Reduced Administrative load: Since most of the tasks will be taken care of electronically, there will be minimum need of people being involved in the process. This will allow admin to focus on other important aspects of the practice.

4 Alternatives for CareLogic EHR 

  1. Amazing Charts

Following CareLogic EHR, we’d like to discuss Amazing Charts, which is one of the most outstanding EMR solutions. The software is known for its charting feature, as the name suggests. Over time, the program adjusts to your tastes so that collecting notes is as easy as feasible for you. The program learns your preferred options and choices and adjusts them for you, saving you time when taking notes.


Another excellent feature of this software is the templates option, which enables you to select a template that you believe is best appropriate for your practice. After you’ve decided on a template, you can further customize it to make it more suitable for your requirements.


  1. Optimus

Another excellent EHR choice for your healthcare firm is Optimus EHR. This platform’s charting capability makes charting a lot easier than it was previously. This enables you to save time formerly spent recording patient information. This system’s claims function also assists you in filing claims in a timely manner. The claims tool enables you to streamline many components of making a claim which allows you to get your claim authorized and reimbursed more quickly.

  1. Epic

Epic EHR is a well-known EHR solution that has been available for a long time and is the first choice for many clinics around the country. The program features a fantastic charting tool that is straightforward and quickly adjusts to your choices.
When you’re taking notes, it seamlessly adjusts the options and you don’t have to waste time physically changing them. Because it offers reminders to clients, Epic EHR’s appointment management function helps you decrease the number of no-shows at your medical practice.


  1. ChartLogic

ChartLogic EHR is the last program on our list, and it has a lot of great capabilities. This program includes a charting tool that enables you to take notes in the most efficient manner feasible in a portion of the time it would have taken you before you started using it. Users often talk about CareLogic Charting features in their reviews!

The system also includes a patient interface, which enables people to collaborate with you on their therapy. Patients can use this tool to schedule appointments, fill out paperwork, and much more!

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Final Thoughts! 

CareLogic is a best EHR Software with outstanding features and functionalities. We often see people talk about CareLogic EMR and its mostly because of its intuitive medical charting feature. As there is a lot of talk about its medical charting feature, people want to know about what other medical charting software offer as well. We have come up with a list of very close competitors for CareLogic mostly in terms of medical charting features.


If you are looking for CareLogic EMR alternatives, make sure to check out the software mentioned above. If you are looking to find out more about CareLogic EMR, we would suggest you read CareLogic EMR reviews. We would also recommend you to schedule a CareLogic EMR demo.



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