Chopta is a hill station and can be visited in any season, any time. In summer the season remains cozy and picturesque and in winters it remains chilled with snowfall.



Tinganath is the highest Shiva Temple in the world. This is third in the Panch kedars.

Tunganath is famous for its beautiful architectural structure and we believe and consider this as its 1000 years old temple. The Shiva image of Lord shiva away 19 kms is leading to the Tungnath temple. This region received high rainfall in the winters and this makes it difficult to reach the temple. Tunganth is easy to reach except in winters. Because it covers fall in winters it makes it difficult to reach and this case a local guide should be required.

Tunganath trek is an easy and reachable trek. Many birds can be seen at the temple.



If you are fond of hill stations and you like to climb then Chnadrashila trek is a treat for those trekkers. The best time to visit Chandrashila trek is summer. In summer the Himalayas are visible and cool. But carrying light woolen is recommended. In Winters it becomes greener. The trek is moderate but it became blocked for a couple of hours during the landslide.

After reaching the highest point of the summit the sunshine and its rays give the next level of beauty.




Ukhimath is a small town in uttarakhand Ukhimath is about 27-28 kms from chopta. Ukhimath is a great spot for nature lovers. We can visit ukhimath throughout the year. Spiritual aspect is the main reason to visit ukhimath. It has many ancient temples dedicated to many gods and goddesses. Winter season is the best time to visit here as Kedarnath remains close to many visitors who move to ukhimath.



Bisuri tal is situated in the middle of Mandakini valley and this is in district Rudraprayag. It can be reached via trekking from chopta. This trek starts from the chopta and passes through kedarnath. This trek has a moderate difficulty and it is reachable.The total length of trek is 60kms.  Bisurital is famous for Adventure, camping and trekking. If we are planning to visit Bisurital then This place offers green forest, waterfall, mountains, wildlife and river streams. Bisurital is still not a very popular and untouched trekking place.


Chopta is an unexplored trekking place. It is also called mini Switzerland of uttarakhand. Chopta serves as the base for those who want to trek via tungnath and chandrashila.

During September and October, chopta offers pleasant weather with cristal crea weather. The monsoon generally starts by the end of August and mid september.

Chopta is famous for its flower which is called Baransh. It can be seen in the months of April and May. Chopta trek offers mesmerizing views for nature lovers and it is picturesque. Being situated en-route to Tunganath, chopta is an ideal place to enjoy the camping and enjoy its beauty. Chopta has a  great forest so there are different species that can be seen. The ideal time to visit the chopta is Feb- April for those who love seeing birds.

Chopta has a peaceful environment. Many foreigners visit for meditation. Being a small hamlet, chopta doesn’t offer so many options. However it has many local dining options available. Chopta is recommended for corporates, coules, family groups and solo.





Deoria tal is a lake and it’s about 3 Km from Chopta road. Deoria Tal can be easily reached by Air, Train and also by road. Deoria Tal is one of those places where Delhi NCR people visit the most. So if you are visiting from Delhi then Sari village could be the base to start the journey. Below route can be followed by the trekkers who visit from Delhi/NCR.

Delhi – Haridwar-Rishikesh-Devprayag- Rudraprayag-Syalsaur-Ukhimath-Sari village. After reaching the village we need to trek the next 20km to reach the lake.

This place is heavily wooded. Deoria is also spelled Devaria. This lake is situated at an altitude of 2438 meters in Rudraprayag. Deoria is surrounded by vibrant forest and greenery. Deoria has a clear view of majestic peaks of 300 degrees. In the Summer Lake is best to enjoy the beauty and we can enjoy camping at night. Monsoon is not the recommended season to visit the Deoria tal due to landslides. Deoria trek is one of those easy treks which can be done by beginners who haven’t done the trek before.




Chopta has many tourist places to visit. It has more trek destinations. It is adventuros sightseeing views. There are more than 10 places to visit in chopta where travellers can spend their time. Those places mentioned above are recommended. Trekkers should explore the hidden gems in chopta, and learn about the most happening places, things to do and famous for family picnics and make their vacation memorable in chopta.















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