Custom Packaging Possibilities for Cannabidiol -Infused Products



The Cannabidiol industry has been booming for a few years now. It is widely used for a number of purposes. Cannabidiol -infused products have made their way into the pharmaceutical industry. They are consumed for many physical, mental, and therapeutic conditions. 


The Cannabidiol products are made up of the extraction of hemp flowers. It has fewer to no side effects and is a 100% natural compound. This is the reason why it has become widely popular to use. Many retailers have shifted their interest in selling and manufacturing these products.


Moreover, after its legalization, its business has taken a surge, and retailers are finding new ways to boost their business. One way to be distinguished in such a saturated market is by using custom printed cbd boxes.


However, there are some rules and regulations set by FDA to sell such products. If you ascertain to those rules, you can easily sell the products and make your name in the huge competition. 


We all know that packaging plays a substantial role in the product-based market. There are many ways through which you can package up your Cannabidiol products. The Cannabidiol oil is usually packed in a 30ml bottle packaging, and that can be customized in any way. 


You must inculcate all the essential details related to the dosage and efficacy of oil written on the packaging. This helps the customers to make an informed decision. Moreover, the custom printed packaging assists you gain customers’ loyalty and trust towards your brand. 


In this blog post, we will discuss various kinds of customized packaging for your different kinds of Cannabidiol products. Take a look below: 


Glass Containers 


The Cannabidiol oil is usually packed in glass containers. Some oil also comes in metal containers, but they are not quite feasible and not so common. You can utilize the glass jars for the oil. Make sure that you use an airtight lid to cover the bottle. It should be made with sturdiness so that the oil does not get leaked or spilled during transit or storage. 


 Moreover, you should make sure that the packaging is child-resistant. It must be designed in a way that a child cannot open it in any way. The customers always get attracted to what is convenient and easy to use for them. You must have a type of packaging that curtails all the information regarding the product and keys to open the packaging. 

If you do otherwise, the chances are that the customer will not remember you for their future purchases. Also, make sure that the glass is not easily breakable. Use the colored and airtight glass so that the oil remains secured from the light and air exposure.


In case of exposure, it might affect the efficacy of the oil, which can be detrimental to health. So, the key takeaways here are you should use glass bottles, they must be airtight, and the bottles’ boxes must include all the details, including your brand’s logo and taglines. 


The Tube Containers 


Cannabidiol is infused in a number of cosmetic products. These products are applied topically to treat skin conditions or to simply treat the inflammation on the skin. As we have discussed earlier that your number one priority should be to design the packaging that is convenient for your customers. 


The plastic tube is a good option to package these topical products. The customers will easily know how to use them when required. These tubes are easy to carry anywhere. Moreover, you can also design the small tubes so that one can carry them in their bags. 


To make these tubes child-resistant, you can use specialized caps that will keep the content inside the tubes intact and secure. Moreover, it will be quite efficient to open and close the containers. 


Display Boxes 


The primary function of the packaging is to protect the products from any kind of shipping hazards or harsh environmental factors. But the packaging is also something that adds value to your products and gives a great aesthetic appeal. 


The customers are always interested in something that gives them an enticing look. So, to make your packaging look attractive, you can use the display or window boxes. It gives a sneak peek to your customers of the products that are enclosed inside. 


This helps them identify the products, and also, utilizing these boxes will give you an edge over your competitors. These boxes will make your products more acceptable and alluring, and your customers will be more likely to buy your Cannabidiol products right away. 


Tuck-End Boxes 


The tuck-end boxes are great to use for Cannabidiol medicines or some Cannabidiol -infused cosmetic products. These kinds of containers are opened and closed by the upper flap of the boxes. You can put a seal on the edge of the boxes to ensure protection and security. 


Double Use of Containers 


We know that Cannabidiol products are fragile in nature and are prone to damage. In this method, the first container is used as the initial layer of packaging, and then it is packaged in a sturdy packaging stock. Normally retailers use cardboard material, as it is tear-resistant and provides adequate protection against pressure and mishandling. 


This type of packaging is usually preferred to pack Cannabidiol -infused drinks. They need the extra layering of packaging, and hence the double use of containers is best suited for such products. It will ensure that the drinks do not get spilled during the way and remain efficient to use. 


Eco-Friendly Material 


It does not just apply to the Cannabidiol industry but also to every market that the eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions are a big yes to boost sales and enhance brand awareness. Consumers nowadays are more conscious and only prefer the goods that are packaged in environmentally friendly material. 


So, it is strongly recommended that you choose packaging solutions that are highly recyclable and do not add to the landfills. This will also show who you are as a brand, and consumers will know that you care for the land and aquatic life. 


The Final Word 


There are many ways to package up your Cannabidiol goods. But the above-mentioned ones are the widely used ways. Take inspiration and design your packaging that ensures protection as well as aesthetic appeal. 

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