What Are the Ultimate Mental and Health Benefits of Akarna Dhanurasana?

Akarna Dhanurasana is a yoga posture that is known as one of the most advanced and crucial asana among yoga practitioners. This is also popular as The Archer’s pose. This is a Sanskrit term that is a combination of four different words. Here A refers to near, Karna refers to Ear, Dhanura refers to bow and Asana refers to Pose. The reason why it is named this way is that while practicing, your body will resemble a bow releasing from an arrow.


There are many akarna dhanurasana benefits that have helped people to choose this when they practice yoga. No wonder yoga has the ultimate benefit to the health and mind, the akarna dhanurasana benefits go even higher. Therefore without any further ado, let us find out how this asana will be beneficial to your health.


It improves Digestion: When you practice akarna dhanurasana on a regular basis, you will find improvement in your digestive health along with several other issues associated with digestion. Since there are many people who suffer from constipation, this can be a great choice.

This is because while you practice this asana, you have to put a tremendous amount of pressure on the inner intestine and stomach.


This is when your body creates stress hormones while improving the digestive system functioning that encourages proper movement of bowels thereby helping in the overall process. Even any type of other issues associated with digestion can be eased with the practice of akarna dhanurasana.


It Strengthens Your Muscles: There have been many studies where it can be studied that consistent akarna dhanurasana practice can stretch the hamstring and calves muscles. Since it puts additional pressure on the muscles and there is improvement in blood flow, it tends to receive more nutrition and oxygen.


Therefore, when you practice on a regular basis, akarna dhanurasana can be a lot helpful in preventing injuries caused while doing certain works. It can offer the strength your ankle, hamstrings, and calf muscles require.


It helps to get rid of anxiety and stress: There have been studies where it has been proven that akarna dhanurasana practice on a regular basis helps to improve mental health. When you keep consistent practice, it can improve the blood flow thereby providing the nutrition and oxygen your brain needs.


Since our brain needs to feel calm by releasing stress, this asana can be a great choice to practice every day. The more you pay attention to it, you will be able to feel stress-free even when you have a hectic day.


It encourages better functioning of kidneys and liver:


If you are someone who practices akarna dhanurasana on a regular basis, it can be a great choice to improve kidney and liver functioning. It exerts pressure on your liver and kidneys thereby producing stress hormones that invariably stimulate the functioning of the liver and kidneys.


Therefore the earlier you start the better result you can expect within time. However, since it is one of the hard poses, you will need support on the ground. Therefore make sure that you are buying quality  Body Bending Exercises with proper thickness and made with EVA materials to help you perform this challenging posture.

It stimulates your reproductive organs:

It has a lot of benefits on improving your sexual performance. The reason why akarna dhanurasana has a huge part to play is that while practicing it squeezes the sexual organs. This can become helpful in producing stress hormones. This can become a lot helpful in stimulating the sex organs and improving blood flow which improves functioning.


Bottom line: There are endless others however, these are the top ones that deserve the limelight. Besides, if you want to get a better idea about akarna dhanurasana steps then you can read our blog.


So start practicing akarna dhanurasana and enjoy the ultimate range of health and mental benefits.



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