How Much Does it Cost to Charge an Electric Scooter and Segway?


We know that the electric scooter is your favorite means of transportation. And we fully understand why it is much cheaper to travel by scooter than by car. However, you need the energy to power your scooter and it comes at a price.

Today we want to calculate with you the electricity consumption of your electric scooter in an easy and fast way.

Let’s see, the charging price of Segway is based on some simple estimates. To be able to do an approximate calculation, you need to know what the voltage and capacity of the battery are.

Imagine that the battery of your scooter has 6.4Ah of capacity and its voltage is 36V; you need to convert it to kilowatt-hours; for this, we apply the following conversion:

6.4 * 36 = 230.4 wh / 1,000 = 0.23 Kw / h

In the electricity bill you can know the price of the kilowatt; Suppose it is € 0.16 / kWh. Let’s assume that the battery is fully charged in 6 hours; then, we do the following operation:

0.23 kW / h * 6 h * € 0.16 / Kw = € 0.22

That is, your cost of electricity for the electric scooter every time you put it to charge is 0.22 euros.

Do all scooters charge the same?

The charging time of the battery of an electric scooter can vary from 5 to 8 hours, depending on the manufacturer and the type of charger you use. If you want to know precisely how long it takes to charge your scooter, you can do a simple calculation.

Let’s take a 32A 60V lithium battery as an example. Let’s calculate its consumption: 32A * 60V = 1,920 Wh.

Now let’s see how long it takes to charge using a standard 60V 1.8A charger; you must do this operation: 1,920 Wh / (60V * 1.8A) = 17 hours 42 minutes.

And in the case of using a 67V and 5A fast charger, the charging time is 5 hours and 44 minutes.

What will the battery life depend on?

When we talk about the battery life we can refer to the autonomy of the electric scooter, that is, how many kilometers it lasts, and also to its useful life.

Regarding the kilometers traveled in each charge cycle, the battery will last more or less depending on the weight of the driver, the average speed, and the type of surface.

If we talk about battery life, it depends on several factors, including charge cycles; a battery supports around 800 charge cycles. At that point, it starts to run out and you have to change it. This occurs every two to four years or around 6000 kilometers.

The use of the scooter at very low or high temperatures also influences battery life. Exposure to excessive humidity and storing the scooter with a battery-less than 10% charged can also accelerate its deterioration.

How much does it cost to charge it at home vs outside?

The price difference between charging it at home or elsewhere depends on the electricity plan that the charging point has contracted, and if you charge during peak hours or off-peak hours.

If you charge the scooter at home, you will most likely do it during off-peak hours, that is, at night and when there is less consumption. In the northern hemisphere, the off-peak time in winter is between 10:00 p.m. and 12:00 p.m., and in summer it goes from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

We offer you some recommendations in order that you’ll prevent damage to the battery that needs an early replacement so that it lasts a protracted time.

First of all, you must know that care may vary counting on the kind of battery your scooter has; it may be gel or lithium.

Let’s take a look at both cases.

Gel Battery Care

The gel batteries usually last about 2 years. one among the factors that may affect its useful life is high temperatures. For this reason, it’s important that once you store it, it’s in a very cool place; and if possible, avoid driving your scooter in hours when it’s extremely popular.

Something that you simply should also observe is that the battery always stays above 20% of its charge. attempt to charge your scooter when it reaches that level and doesn’t anticipate it to be completely exhausted.

If you’re visiting stop using the scooter for ages, attempt to make the battery charge 100% and from time to time check the amount and charge again when it drops below 80%. whether or not you are doing not use the scooter, the battery loses its charge over time and it’s something that you just should confine your mind to.

Lithium Battery Care

Lithium batteries are displacing gel batteries because their useful life is longer (around 4 years) and that they offer more autonomy.

Like gel batteries, it’s not good for you to let a lithium battery discharge below 20%. If you’re visiting stand your scooter for an extended period of your time, fully charge the battery, remove it from the scooter, and store it horizontally.

Although lithium batteries don’t lose their charge as quickly as gel batteries, it’s good that you just check from time to time and complete to shut to 100% when the charge level is below 80%.


The correct use and care of the battery of your Electric Scooter UK will facilitate your keep your small vehicle in optimal condition to using it once you need it.



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