How old you should be to work at a Subway?

How old you should be to work at a subway?

Having a part time job to fulfil your daily needs is not a bad thing whereas it’s a good thing to be independent and worthy of your own self and that’s how you learn to grow and be more productive around your life with your friends and family, by doing something of your own to be more confident, productive and courageous in your life

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What’s an ideal age to be accepted at any restaurant?

The ideal age at which any restaurants will keep you is 18 years of age, at 18 you are legally accepted at any restaurant, every restaurant has different code of conduct and terms & condition and some restaurants might have the terms & condition at which they accept their workers of age 16, below you’ll be knowing about all the restaurants that accept at the age of 16, 18, 15 or so on, read till the end to find out the best place to work for and the reasons behind them.

Key features to get job at any restaurant.

To be working at any restaurant or food subway its really important and beneficial that you have good communication and behavior skills to be a good staff member of the crew for that purpose you have to be fluent in your native language and you code of conduct should be excellent with your customers which results in gain in your daily customers and if your boss notices that it’s a win-win situation.

Tips to keep in mind while leaving for an interview:

  • To have a permanent and prominent job at any place especially considering at a subway it is important that yourself conduct, body language ,communication skills , code of conduct , dressing sense are all on point .
  • These things are necessary so that the customers may find you positively attractive so that they keep buying from you.
  • This results in possible future promotion.

There is no shame in working a private part time job to make your both ends meet, it’s whereas a good thing tat you are feeling the responsibility to help your parents and family out in this hard and tough time, it’s good if you are doing job to be independent and it’s good that you are trying to be responsible and good in your own way.

What should be your age?

Most of the restaurants and different subways require at least the age of 16 but why 16 ? the reason behind this is that the person is in High School and is old enough the ups and downs because nothing beats the high school drama and secondly it’s because that in some countries like USA and Europe the person who is 16 gets a driving license when they turn 16 it is temporary but at least they can drive through out the city but not in different city so yeah that adds up why some restaurant accept the person who is 16 years old .

Once you are 18 there is no way that your age factor will get in the way of getting you a job , its because at 18 we have seen nearly in every country that the person is considered as Independent so yes 18 years are accepted at each and every restaurant or any company even if they are factories .


Subway is an international outlet and its famous for having good reputation for making yummiest burgers worldwide, it is seen that every country throughout the world has SUBWAY in it, they have variety of burgers that make the customers wonder what to pick first and how to set them as per their mood.

Can you work at Subway?

If you are 18: Yes, absolutely the Subway allow their workers to be 18 and work for them, as we mentioned earlier that when you are 18 you are legally independent to work at any place.

If you are 16: Yes , Subway usually have the staff aged 16 , if you are 16 that there is a good chance that they accept you and keep you at the waiter position , and its also seen that some franchises of Subway do not accept their staff who are under 18 , so there is good chance if you are 16 that you might not get job at Subway .

Duty timings : SIBWAY usually opens at 8:00 am for the staff member and the chefs and the restaurant for customer open at 9:00 am , its because that the staff and the chef set the restaurant before ethe customer arrives.


STARBUCKS: Who has not heard of the famous coffee restaurant? we all have and trust us you want to have a job at Starbucks because they spend much more money on their workers life insurance policy than they do on their coffee beans which is around 30 million dollars yearly.

Can you work at STARBUCKS if you are 16: No, sadly STRABUCKS don’t have staff members who are under 18?

Why 18? For STARBUCKS it’s really important that their secrets recipes for their special drink don’t have been misplaced or sold for money so they only trust their staff who are over 18 or 18 to work for them and they have a handsome salary so that they might not do anything to sabotage them.



Can you work at McDonald if you are 16:  McDonalds don’t have the staff under 18, its one of their strict policies.



Can you work at KFC if you are 16:  Yes, its possible for a person to be 16 and work at KFC but as only a waiter or cleaner.


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