How to Make Money Online in India Without Investing

 Top 10 ways to make money online


1. Make money through online surveys

This is a very simple way to make money. Online surveys cost $1 to $50, while simple small surveys take about 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the types of surveys that various companies conduct on survey sites.

In an online survey, you must express your opinion in the survey provided by the company. You must choose the choice of the question, and there is no need to write anything in this simple survey.

Learn more about the Hiresine review.

According to the time of the survey, your personnel and

The country where you live. You can find more information about surveys paid via PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, etc. The name of the site is as follows.

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Rebellion Award
  3. Windale Research
  4. Pine Cone Research
  5. Global test market
  6. My investigation
  7. Ipsos


2. Make money from blogs

Yes, this ambitious field can make money online through blogs and explore your thoughts and ideas through blogs.


In my opinion, there are thousands of people earning between $100 and $100,000 per month by blogging on your website’s blog. I recommend that you start using a blog site or your website for blogging right away. You only need a domain and host your blog.

If you can’t organize hosting and domain names, then this also proves that is Google’s powerful blogging product.


3. Get income from the PTC website

If you don’t have time, please make money easily by joining the PTC website.

Just click and read the ad for 10 to 30 seconds, and you will get paid for every ad you see on its website.

Sign up and make money by reading advertisements at flexible times in your daily life. These sites are free, without any investment.


4. Become a verification code solver

Here, you can make money as a verification code solver.

This is the easiest way to make money online. Since the verification code solver makes money from home, you must read the verification code image and enter the exact characters in the box.

It must be fast to make a lot of money. For every 1,000 verification codes resolved through PayPal, you can get up to $2 in payment.

Are you interested in the verification codes in these websites? Then you can view this list of verification codes below.

Kolotibablo, MegaTypers, CaptchaTypers, Prototype, 2Captcha, Captcha2Cash, QlinkGroup, FastTypers, VirtualBee, PixProfit, etc.


5. Make money through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the world of online commissions. I know you want high income, so affiliate marketing is the right choice for you.

Those who engage in affiliate marketing earn a thousand dollars a week by merging online shopping and hundreds of online merchants such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Clickbank, etc., and they can subscribe and promote their products to get huge income.

In affiliate marketing, you help customers buy the right products by creating a simple website. In return, you can get 4% to 20% commission every day.

You can also start affiliate marketing by creating a website and joining an affiliate program.


6. Become a freelancer

Freelancing is a popular way to make money using your comfort zone. You can temporarily cooperate with small or large companies and provide services according to your own capabilities.

You can earn between US$200 and US$3000 per month, depending on your technical skills and knowledge of the freelance jobs that will be performed for customers when obtaining orders through job opportunities.

There are some more reliable sites, such as Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr, you can easily join these sites for freelancing.

Act as a content writer, web designer, graphic designer, or provide services such as SEO, data entry, video tribute, digital marketing, etc.


7. Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is an online job where you can act as a personal assistant and you can make money online without having to be there in person. I think this is an excellent job.

In this online job, you can perform various tasks such as taking care of the website, consulting, writing and proofreading, content publishing, marketing, coding, website and application development, research, etc. Therefore, I mentioned below some help sites for you to join her

  1. Hire my mom
  2. MyTasker
  3. Zirtual
  4. uAssistMe
  5. 123 employees

Here, you can subscribe to virtual assistant positions and start earning money.


8. Writing work

Writing work is a better way to make money online by writing different types of content, where you can write articles, blogs, companies, individuals, and more types of content.


There are several types of writers who have different remuneration depending on their content, and those who write 500 words of content range from $5 to $30.

Some sites are mentioned below:

  1. work
  2. iWriter
  3. WriterBay
  4. Freelance
  5. TextBroker
  6. com
  7. com


9. Micromachining

A micro work platform, you can easily perform simple tasks on the micro work website and easily earn $150-$350 per month. Here, you can perform various tasks, such as identifying items, evaluating and marking at various destinations, visiting some sites, discovering the subtleties of contacts, conducting little research, writing a few articles, etc.

Here are some website names, namely mTurk, MicroWorker, SEOClerk, ClickWorker, GigWalk, where you can act as a micro worker and earn extra money.

Microworker work is the easiest way to make money at home. Therefore, don’t be late, just register on these sites.


10. Become a YouTuber

YouTube is a global platform where you can earn passive income by making videos and uploading them to YouTube. First create your YouTube channel, upload some high-quality content videos, and then become a YouTube partner to make money online on YouTube.


There are various videos, such as prank videos, comedy videos, cooking recipes, operation videos, travel tips or any other videos that you think are useful to the crowd on YouTube. Get the number of video views and subscribers of your channel, then you can apply for the YouTube partner program and passively make money through the Internet.

As long as you get YouTube review and approval from your channel, other people will see your ads and the ads in your videos. You will make money from every view that receives videos from other locations.

So please be prepared and start recording video from your smartphone or high-resolution camera


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