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How to Save Money at Weddings?

Organizing a wedding is a tedious task and to execute it by cutting down expenses in big fat Indian weddings where each marriage function is celebrated with pomp and show makes it more grueling but as we know nothing is impossible, we can still make some space for our pocket if we plan accordingly.

Here we at the ApniDelhi community came up for you to give some key points on how to plan your wedding with the best wedding planners in Delhi to make it both inclusive and a budget-friendly wedding. So, let’s go one by one!!



Once you have set your budget you must stick to it and try to include most of the things within that budget. Remove the extra expenses which are not on your priority list.


Your guest list decides most of your expenses and how far the budget will go. So, after you have decided your budget try to prioritize your guest list. Keep the number minimum. Even if you have cut down the list from 300 to 150. You have sailed halfway.

  1. Select an off-season date.

While deciding about the marriage dates, you can choose an off-peak month and a mid-week day for your wedding. This will save you a lot of money. Also, avoid choosing Saturday as it cost more than usual days.

  1. Check out for non-floral décor or greenery decor

Floral adds beauty to the place but it comes at a high cost Also after a while they lose their freshness which results in not being used again in any other function. You can use some other non-floral stuff that looks equally great at your event. Small green leaves also add beauty and give a natural vibe. you can sparely use flowers.

  1. Go for some DIY ideas.

By going for creative ideas, you can yourself take charge of some duties. You can save the expenses by baking your own wedding cake or creating a photo booth yourself.

  1. Go for an open location.

Instead of selecting halls or restaurants for your wedding. You can go for open natural locations. This will cut the cost of a lot of decoration and nature’s beauty will itself bloom your wedding area.

  1. Ask your friends or cousins for help.

Try to reach out to your friends and cousins and look at what they can do for you to cut the expenses. Any friend who does your makeup, hairstyling, or can bake a cake. Someone who can design your wedding invitations digitally or handy. There may be creative persons around you who can help you, you are just one step behind for asking them.

8. Go for “in season” flowers and food.


When you go for the seasonal food and florals it cost you much less than the ones

you need to import. As they are locally available and can be easily made you can get a bulk supply of them easily in a short span of time which also reduces your transportation costs.

  1. 9. Choose one venue for all the events of your wedding.

This may not sound great but you can change it in your favor. Just by changing a little décor at each function, you can choose the same venue for each function. They will lessen you won’t have to worry about the logistics cost and will help in getting discounts from the owner.

  1. Go for a one-stop solution.

Having different vendors for each and everything can be difficult to manage and may also cost you more. You can search for the ones who can provide all the facilities by themselves like while choosing a location of your wedding, the catering, music, DJ, entertainment and photography services could be provided by them.

  1. Hire a wedding planner

A wedding planner knows about the best and budget-friendly services in your area. Their expertise could help you save time. Hiring a wedding planner could help you in providing all the services you need like makeup artists, hairstylists, guest accommodations, bar handlings, etc.

One such wedding planner you can look for is Apnidelhi weddings planners in Delhi. Their experience and research team will handle all the minute details of your wedding so that you can focus on other major things.

  1. Remove extra events which are hard to organize.

If the cost of your event exceeds your budget limit then do not feel pressured to organize them. Try conducting additional events like an engagement or bachelorette party in your home or cousin’s house.

  1. Rent your wedding attires

To minimize the cost of your wedding. The couples can take the wedding attires on rent and give them back easily. Purchasing the wedding attires for each event may cost you a lot.

  1. Borrow some things from your friends and family.

A good deal to minimize expenses on extra little things like wedding stationery or wedding décor items can be borrowed from friends and family members. This will help you to save time and focus on other major things.

  1. Go for casual family dinners.

Instead of booking an expensive restaurant having formal plated service, you can go for a normal pleasant eating space where the guests could serve themselves. It will help you to minimize costs.

  1. Hiring a DJ instead of living musicians.

Live musicians could cost you a heftier price than hiring a Dj. A Dj could give you a wholesome package for all your events from ceremony to reception. They will set up all dance stages and speakers and lighting.


As we go to a different location, we don’t know the unexpected expenses we can meet there. A travel agent helps you to book budget-friendly honeymoon packages which include your stay, food, and travel expenses.

We hope these key points will help you before planning your wedding making it all-inclusive while on a budget. Stay connected for more such ideas on weddings.


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