How to Get More Instagram Followers Easily in Year 2021

We can see today that Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms, it provides its users more privacy and security, people have left Facebook and started using Instagram, so if you are thinking of a way to increase your Instagram following then you have just come to the right place, we have narrowed down all the quick and easy ways for you so that you could increase your Instagram following easily and without paying anyone, In this article, we will be telling you 100% authentic and real ways to organically increase your following. We have researched very much and then we have written this article with all our effort so we hope that you all follow the instructions we have given down below and get success in getting more followers on Instagram.

why having followers on Instagram is so important for some people?

As we can see that Instagram has taken all over the world with its platform there are more than 1 billion downloads of Instagram on the Google play store, and the active number of users hourly is approximately 28 million. So this all concludes that people like using Instagram and it has taken all over the world in only a few years, well as far as having followers are concerned people literally pay for buying Instagram followers, there are some public figures who want followers in order to increase their promotions, there are some high school kids who just want to brag about having more followers than their other friends but some also need followers to improve their business which they have started locally like some artists selling their artwork, painters selling their paintings and much more, Instagram has truly turned into a blessing for such people who are trying to start their small business it’s a  great platform to showcase your talents throughout the world.

How to organically increase the number of followers on your account?

Before getting started, we hope that you are using our tips and tricks to do good in society and secondly these tips and tricks are the best way to have non drop followers as they are going to come to your account in a pure way, its seen that people buy Instagram followers which may also mostly turn out as a scam, so beware of such people and pages who prove to provide followers in a price and then block you and disappear some may also work but it can also lead to getting your account banned by the Instagram due to ghost activity.

Read till the end for a bonus tip.


  1. Interact with other people’s posts: in order to have more followers it’s necessary that you interact with other people and their posts so that your engaging level boosts up, Instagram algorithms work in a way that when you interact with other people posts in results in fooling the algorithm that you two know each other well which keeps resulting that your posts are shown to more people resulting that they you get more likes and more likes mean more people are getting to know your account which gets more people to follow you and the loop goes on.
  2. Using trending hashtags: using the hashtags that are trending help a lot in making more people see your profile, but the question arises that how to know what hashtag is the best, don’t worry we have got you covered we will soon post an article on that topic too so that you don’t have to wander here and there for some quality trending posts, using good hashtags results in more engagement which makes the people know your account more and then they follow you, so for that purpose you have to find or google some hashtags regarding your field and post it in your caption, trust me hashtags play a beneficial rule in getting more followers maybe more than you ever expected.
  3. Make sure to post on daily basis at a time that is good enough to attract more followers: Posting at a time that is great for engaging is also an important task to get more followers, the best time to post is between 10 to 11 am and 8 to 10 pm. While you post on daily basis at an engaging time and with good hashtags then we guarantee you that you get at least 50 followers with each post you make.
  4. Promote your Instagram account on different platforms: By doing the self-promoting on other apps helps you to get your different apps friends on your different accounts, for instance, if you promote your Instagram account on Facebook then your Facebook following will be attracted to your Instagram and by doing the same you’ll attract other people on your Facebook, it’s quite simple and easy though it quite gets you some followers for sure.
  5. Make unique content: To have more followers in an organic way that will help you have non drop its really important that you are creating the content the people like to see online, which is interesting and eye-catching, Instagram has allowed many people to start their small business based in their own homes, there are young jobless artists that have started to sell their artwork and that artwork is worthy to be put on the wall so that’s how people are attracted towards their content and give them a follow.
  6. Post interesting stories: Stories and status are a way of attracting more people towards your account you can add hashtags and make your stories even more viewed by the people all the world around, stories can be seen on your account and if the person has not seen your post then it will a lot him to see our post and give you a follow.
  7. Make your stories and captions interesting: people should see the reason why they have to follow you, it’s not easy at first to have a good following but believe us that its the easiest way to gain followers and organically grow your targeted audience rather waste your money on the scams which can lead to fake likes and followers and Instagram block the accounts sometimes for temporary bases and some time for permanent that leads to loss of the followers which you might already have, we have people having a good amount of followers still they needed more they bought some followers and their account got blocked so never try to do something that led to permanent account blockage and then there is no way to reverse that.
  8. Take part in gain groups: there are groups on Instagram handled by a person with a good number of followers by joining such groups you are going to open a window for your account that will get you much more followers incredibly.

Follow all these steps and tell us how many followers you gained after these tips, we are 100 percent sure that these tips and tricks will surely help you out and we hope that you make your account even bigger with time. These steps are time-consuming but we can guarantee you that by following all these steps you will for sure get followers which will be interested in your posts and will automatically like and comment on your posts.

Scam Alert

There are tons of people who offer to get you, followers, in exchange for money we are certain that there are consequences over these things due to the fact that when your account all of a sudden have a large number of followers Instagram algorithm takes that as ghost activity which can for sure lead towards the account permanent blockage. The people might also offer you followers on a good deal and your account may not be banned but from where you are going to generate likes and will you be sure to get likes and follows after actually paying someone to get them for you, where is your actual talent in doing such thing, you will be wasting your money and nothing more, So try not to have fake followers. Try the steps we have given you and let the results tell you the real way of getting authentic followers.


Things to avoid while using Instagram:

  1. Try not to like many posts at a time, try having the gap of 20 to 30 seconds same for following someone and same for commenting, these fast liking and commenting refers to spam which gives a temporary block to the account for liking and commenting which will stop you from engaging with other people’s posts.
  2. Do not ever but fake followers, they are fake accounts that neither likes your post nor see your stories, your insights will not be increased but it will be a waste of your money.

That’s all for this article, hope you liked the efforts we researched so much about Instagram to write all this, do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter for a daily article on interesting topics.



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