Mistakes that Keep You From Earning Money When Joining An Affiliate Program

Joining the Affiliate program industry a lot of people are disillusioned and failed. There are a lot of classic mistakes that are often repeated in the new generation of participants that keep them from making money. Here are the mistakes that keep you from making money from joining an affiliate program that you should avoid.

Choosing the wrong affiliate marketing platform

The explosion of the marketing industry associated with the entry of hundreds of different platforms makes newbies confused when they do not know which platform to choose to join. Sometimes because of their lack of experience, believing in the beautiful promise of marketing programs with high commissions and attractive compensation policies, they stumble to join. After a period of hard work, excited to be able to get the results, she was disillusioned because she did not receive any commission.

So, be careful when choosing an affiliate platform to join, choose a reputable platform – many people appreciate it even though the commission is a bit lower. Before joining, ask for advice from industry veterans to confirm and gain more experience.

Choosing the wrong niche 

The market is like a giant city that you have to research to find where to set foot – a prime location for your online store. Choosing the wrong place, failing to reach customers, you are prepared for failure in the near future. Choosing a geographical area that is too large, too many competitors, you are a newbie with absolutely no experience, which… is like fighting eggs.

Be careful in researching and selecting niches before entering the industry. It is best to choose a market where you know the product & can control it, and have the potential to reach target customers. With fields such as education, financial investment, making money online…requires highly specialized knowledge, only join when you love and have knowledge about these fields.

Being vague about your product 

How can you convince customers to buy if you do not clearly state the outstanding benefits of the product? Where is it better than similar products? Why should you buy it? Where are the discount codes, preferential coupons of the product?

With the explosion of technology, users can easily find product information everywhere. They are becoming smarter in their consumption. How to get money from their wallet is an art that newbies need to learn.

And the first basic requirement is to understand the product you are marketing. If possible, try the product to know about the advantages/disadvantages of the product, bring an objective view to customers. Compare with a few similar products to give users an overview of the market and products.

Not having a target customer portrait

A common mistake many newbies make when joining an affiliate marketing network is not clearly understanding who will buy their products?

Not knowing about the target customer makes them position their product as a product for everyone, customers are everyone, making the marketing strategy also become scattered, unfocused and ineffective.

What the target customers need, they do not have, directly affecting the sales.

For example, a young single woman will be interested in beauty, shopping, travel, then they will be interested in discount programs, discount codes, coupons when shopping online, not a diaper price, milk prices. They often appear in places like spas, shopping centers, bars/clubs, and in groups looking for lovers, not kindergartens or mother and baby groups.

Put yourself in the position of the target customer to see what they think, need, and care about to bring them the most suitable products, and reach them on the most effective marketing channels.

Too focused on selling 

Of course, we join the affiliate network to sell and make money. But if you focus too much on revenue and forget to meet the needs of customers, lose yourself, harm the interests of users, sooner or later you will fail on the road to conquering success in the business.

Not tracking revenue streams 

Setting a separate tracking code for each revenue source will help you know which product link customers are interested in, in what location. From there, focus all resources to develop more effective campaigns, instead of costly spreads.

In addition, install additional tools Google Analytics, SEO moz, Alexa to monitor your website’s performance, promptly update & improve when problems occur.

Not building a list of potential customers

The classic mistake of newbies is to always rush to find new traffic to the website, forgetting that the majority of conversions come from old customers who have visited the website for the 3-4th time.

Most people have a habit of thinking before buying an item. They will not make a purchase the first time they visit the website but have to go and find out and refer to it first. Add attractive promotional links, offer discount codes, coupons to attract customers. If you do not pay attention to taking care of this customer source, it is very easy to ignore most of your revenue.

Building a list of potential customers now, emailing them monthly is the best way to connect with regular readers.

Poor quality website design

A website with a slow loading speed, messy content, menus, unclear videos/images, inaccurate information… will drive your customers to your competitors as quickly as possible.

Do not regret a little initial investment but accept poor quality free platforms, your efforts will become wasted if you do not know how to invest properly.

Online shopping users also have a habit of preferring to go to places with a good experience, they are willing to spend more money to shop on trusted interfaces.

Come up with ideas and build yourself a professional website!

Not regularly learning & updating new knowledge

Affiliate marketing will be the hardest at first when you start building the system. After the website has been to the top, the affiliate links will start selling, you will be more comfortable. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything.

Because every day there are always thousands of competitors entering the market, if you do not regularly update and improve your channel, from content, images/videos, experiences… will go downhill.  As an affiliate marketer, you must regularly learn, update new knowledge, trends, ranking factors & any fluctuations that may affect your SEO rankings, sales.


The above article is the mistakes that prevent you from making money from joining the affiliate program. If you are new to this industry or have been involved for a long time but have not seen results, follow this article to avoid mistakes. Wish you success with an effective affiliate program!


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