How Long Does it Take for “Shrooms to kick in and How Long Do Mushrooms Last in the Fridge?


When we talk about shrooms we have a certain question in mind whether we are talking about mushrooms or shrooms, let’s have these clear ones that we are talking about mushrooms but their different kind, “Shrooms” generally refer to “Magic Mushrooms” as we know that mushrooms are a kind of fungi.

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What are Mushrooms?

Mushrooms belong to Kingdom Fungi and Group “Basidiomycota” which have about 16,000 named species and Mushrooms are one of those. Mushrooms are the types of edible fungi sounds strange right? some mushrooms are edible and people really like having them in lunch and dinner, many mushrooms are edible, they are used as food but some are deadly poisonous. Shrooms are magical mushrooms that are used as drugs both as medical and addictive drugs. Most of the mushrooms which are colorful are poisonous, they are deadly poisonous is still there are many more harmful species of mushrooms which are poisonous to people and not to some. many mushrooms are used as food but others are deadly poisonous, they are types of fungi but also important plant pathogens among groups called rust and smuts.

Shrooms are generally referred to as magic mushrooms they are sometimes misused as they have a certain chemical called Psilocybin, this chemical can cause addictive drug-like effects and a large dosage of use can be a handful for oneself and lead to addiction.

For how long shrooms are in our body system and how long it takes to kick in?

It takes 30 minutes hardly for Shrooms to kick in, in a normal body. If the person is healthy enough then it will take more time like 1 to 2 hours but if there is the usage of a high dose then it can be less than 30 minutes too. It totally depends on the health and dosage of the body and also of the shrooms.

 How long does the high last?

The certain effects of the film certainly last for 1 hour or 2 as we have already told you that it depends on the dosage and usage of the shrooms there are some intense side effects both physically and mentally by the excessive usage of rooms which are as follows.

Weight loss

unstable body conditions

sleeping sickness

dominance level

tolerance level

l unstable metabolism

Risks And Side Effects of High Dosage.

Following are the side effects caused by abnormal use of shrooms.

  1. Intense hallucination trips.
  2. psychotic episodes
  3. end of life( death)

The physical side effects of misusing shrooms are as follows:

  1. stomach ache
  2. nausea
  3. vomiting
  4. muscle weakness


  1. lack of coordination
  2. the unstable state of movement.

What a bad trip feels like:

  1. feeling confused and feared
  2. Scary hallucinations.
  3. changes in physical state
  4. unstable movement of muscles.

Severe mental defunctions:

  1. Not being able to know whether it’s a dream or real life.
  2. Disconnection of human from reality and make difficult for them to understand what’s real and what’s not.
  3. Sleeping issues.
  4. Imagination issues
  5. Unstable condition of memory.
  6. Short-term memory loss.

Some researchers have to say that high usage of shrooms are as dangerous as weeds and other drugs are, people take it to leave such drugs but the thing is, that it is a genuine drug and as dangerous as the other drugs are.

Drug testing:

It depends from body to body and held to health and person to person After the time when consuming shrooms that how long does it remain in the body detectable by any drug test.

Most of the drug tests taken are

  1. saliva test
  2. urine test
  3. blood test

If the usage being low then the tests will not be able to deduct shroom’s presence in the body.

Though the immediate effect of shrooms only lasts a few hours if the dosage has been taken in high quantity then there is a good chance that it will last for at least two to three days.

People have to understand that shrooms areas changes as any other drugs many people use them to leave the addiction of other drugs but instead of that, they become a part of the victim of these drug shrooms.

Now let’s talk about the normal mushrooms which are edible and many people like having them for dinner and lunch.

How long do mushrooms last in the fridge?

Mushrooms are a type of fungi and instead of that, they can also grow fungi on them once they are not enough for a good condition. If the mushrooms are fresh and you have kept them in the fridge then there is a good chance that they will last there for almost a week. Don’t forget to use them or keep them for above a week as in two weeks they will start to grow fungus on them which is a sign that the mushrooms can’t be used for edible purposes.

Many food production companies sell mushrooms in the tin and they have expiry dates on them, So if you keep them after the opening of the tin in the fridge then there should be a good heading on the tin for how long you should keep after opening them. mushrooms are really delicious and they are nutritious too but the excessive use of mushrooms can lead to food poisoning, So better be careful.

The colorful mushrooms are generally poisonous so when you are in a forest and you see a mushroom and you think that they are edible then you know you are mistaken you should not eat anything, any mushroom which you don’t know about.

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