Partition Lock Fresh Black Technology, Whirlpool Lingdu Pro Sterilization and Freshness Evaluation!


In recent years, the development of refrigerators has undergone earth-shaking changes in form, from the traditional two-door refrigerator design to the current three-door refrigerator, side-by-door refrigerator, and nowadays popular cross four-door refrigerator. Although the change in form has brought us more storage space, it has neglected the size of the refrigerator and the more important function of keeping fresh ingredients.

In addition, many users often mix raw and cooked food together when using the refrigerator, which is not only easy to smell, but also risks the growth of bacteria! Therefore, products that can solve the problem of food odor and bacterial growth have won everyone’s favor!

In order to solve the problems of storage space, food preservation, odor, bacteria breeding, and other problems encountered in life, Whirlpool brings you the Whirlpool Lingdu Pro sterilizing and fresh-keeping refrigerator. This product is equipped with a plasma active sterilization system and zero-freezing and fresh-keeping. The cabin can not only solve the problem of food preservation and odor, but also eliminate bacteria and viruses, and bring us a healthier life experience!


    Appearance design: metal texture design, saving space, and more versatile!


    Whirlpool Lingdu Pro Sterilization and Fresh-keeping Refrigerator

In terms of appearance, the Whirlpool Lingdu Pro sterilizing and fresh-keeping refrigerator comes in two colors, Xingyao Silver and Xingguang Silver. Xing Yao Silver uses a metal UV brushed glass panel, and Xingguang Silver uses a jade sand brushed glass panel. The refrigerator we evaluated this time uses star silver color, with a metal mirror texture, generous and simple, just like the dazzling stars in the night sky.


    Whirlpool Lingdu Pro Sterilization and Fresh-keeping Refrigerator-Operation Panel


The hidden operation panel design in the middle of the fuselage is not only anti-fingerprint but also has a three-dimensional effect, which is perfectly integrated with the fuselage.

The embedded design of the Whirlpool Lingdu Pro refrigerator can realize flexible placement and reserve enough space for the home environment. Placed in the evaluation room, there is more than 20 centimeters of space on the left. It is worth noting that the refrigerator door of the Whirlpool Lingdu Pro refrigerator only needs to be opened at 90°, and the fruit and vegetable drawer can be easily pulled out. This design allows the refrigerator not only to be placed against the wall but also to be embedded in the cabinet to get rid of space. Limitations of placement!

Such a flexible and space-saving design is very suitable for small-sized consumers!

Internal space: solid bearing capacity

    Whirlpool Lingdu Pro Sterilization and Fresh-keeping Refrigerator


In the internal design, the upper part of the refrigerating room adopts a double-layer thickened shelf to ensure the load-bearing ability, and it will not be deformed when a variety of food materials are placed.


  • Inside the space
  • Antibacterial fruit and vegetable box


The middle part is an antibacterial fruit and vegetable box, which can store some fruits and vegetables for fresh and moisturizing storage; and the zero-freeze lock fresh compartment below is a highlight of this refrigerator. It supports professional storage with four levels of variable temperature and provides different temperatures for different ingredients. Humidity preservation effect. Save with Ao discount code and Ao NHS discount code  at target promo code


The fruit and vegetable mode in the four-speed variable temperature mode can help us easily lock the moisture and nutrition of fruits and vegetables; zero is more suitable for storing meat, fish, and shrimp for short-term consumption, eliminating the trouble of thawing, and at the same time locking nutrition; micro-freezing can make the meat The class is in a soft-frozen state, and one size fits all easily. The instantaneous cooling mode can cool in a short time, is suitable for making pudding and other desserts, and can ice watermelon, drinks, beer, etc.

Partition lock fresh black technology, Whirlpool Lingdu Pro sterilization, and freshness evaluation!


Zero freeze lock fresh cabin

Partition lock fresh black technology, Whirlpool Lingdu Pro sterilization and freshness evaluation!

One-key switching of four modes

Heightening and thickening bottle frame design

On both sides of the internal compartment, there are four heightened and thickened bottle frames, which can hold drinks or bottles and cans of different heights, and can hold up to 2L of drinks without worrying about weight-bearing! Never miss Amazon Promo Code NHS At NHS Discounts and NHS Discounts Coupons

    Double-layer large freezer drawer design


The lower part of the refrigerator is a large double-layered freezer drawer, and is equipped with a movable partition, which can easily store larger food ingredients, but also facilitates further partition storage, avoiding ready-to-eat fish and shrimp products and desserts. The products are in contact with each other, which is convenient for classification and access, and is clean and hygienic; the special push-pull tray is suitable for storing flat-shaped ingredients such as lamb chops, meat slices, and steaks.

    Black technology: bring more health protection

    Plasma sterilization system


Mixing raw and cooked ingredients can easily breed bacteria and may even cause illnesses from the mouth. The Whirlpool Lingdu Pro sterilization and fresh-keeping refrigerator are equipped with a plasma sterilization system. Under the action of the surrounding air supply system, the active negative ions are diffused throughout the refrigerator. The active negative ions and high-energy groups can be destroyed in a short time. Bacteria and virus proteins make them lose the ability to infect healthy cells, and further destroy the genetic material of bacteria and viruses, and completely inactivate bacteria and viruses. The sterilization rate is as high as 98.67%, and the virus removal rate is greater than 90%, which can realize the whole space. Active sterilization.


Partition lock fresh black technology, Whirlpool Lingdu Pro sterilization, and freshness evaluation!

Built-in lysing membrane


In the drawers of the refrigerating compartment with a relatively closed space, a lysing membrane is especially built-in. The lysofilm is loaded with biological lysozyme, which can dissolve and destroy the cell wall of bacteria, disintegrate and inactivate the bacterial cells. It continuously filters and kills bacteria that enter the drawer with the wind in the cold room around the clock to ensure a healthy storage environment for food materials. In addition, the temperature of the cabin can be set to 0°C. The zero-degree mode is especially suitable for short-term preservation of meat, fish, and shrimp, avoiding the trouble of thawing and avoiding a large amount of blood seepage after thawing due to ice crystals piercing the cell wall, and locking to a greater extent Live nutrition and keep the fresh taste.

    Pt platinum nano clean taste module


In order to solve the problem of food odor, the Whirlpool Lingdu Pro sterilizing and fresh-keeping refrigerator is also equipped with a fresh air purification system. A Pt platinum nano-purification module is installed on the left and right doors, which can absorb a large number of odor molecules and efficiently catalyze the decomposition of the refrigerator. The peculiar smell molecules are converted into carbon dioxide, water, etc., together with the function of the surrounding air supply system, which can quickly purify the peculiar smell inside the refrigerator.


    Humanized design: make the use and operation more convenient


    Panoramic surface light source design


In terms of interactive design, the Whirlpool Lingdu Pro sterilizing and fresh-keeping refrigerator is equipped with a gradient panoramic surface light source on the back of the refrigerator, the light is bright and soft, and it is convenient to take daily ingredients. The refrigerator drawer adopts POM silent pulley, which has higher wear resistance and is smoother than steel wheels, does not damage the refrigerator inner liner, and slides more silently.


    Mobile icebox and partition partition


In addition, the Whirlpool Lingdu Pro sterilization and fresh-keeping refrigerator are also equipped with a mobile icebox, which can be taken out and filled with water during ice making and stored in the refrigerator. After ice making is completed, the ice maker can be taken out and stored. Other frozen foods.


    Temperature test: probe test temperature change curve


Next, in order to test the freshness and refrigeration effect of the Whirlpool Lingdu Pro sterilizing and fresh-keeping refrigerator, we put the probe in the refrigerator and freezer for 24 hours to watch the temperature changes.

    Temperature change test


The black and white lines in the data represent the temperature changes in the refrigerator compartment, and the green lines represent the temperature changes in the freezer compartment. In the actual measurement, it can be seen that it took about 5 hours for the refrigerator compartment to drop from 24.4 degrees to 5 degrees, and it has been stable in this range since then. As time goes by, there is no significant temperature fluctuation, and the cooling effect is gentle. Stabilize!


As for the freezer compartment, it only took more than 1 hour to drop from 20.6 degrees to -7 degrees. In the next 5 hours, the temperature will continue to fall, and it can be reduced to the preset -20 degrees. The cooling effect and freezing performance are still very good!

Freshness test: Three kinds of ingredients are selected for the actual test

In order to further test the fresh-keeping ability of the machine, we conducted the next test. In this type of experiment, we usually look at the water loss rate, that is, the percentage of water lost by the ingredients after being placed in the refrigerator for a period of time.

We selected a few fruits and vegetables, measured their weight before putting them in the refrigerator and after 72 hours of refrigeration, and calculated the water loss rate (water loss rate = weight of water lost /original weight * 100%).

  • Green pepper water loss rate 4%
  • Cucumber water loss rate 3%
  • Eggplant water loss rate 0.4%


It can be seen that 72 hours have passed, the moisture loss rate of the selected ingredients is not large, and the eggplant even only lost 0.4% of the moisture. It can be seen that the freshness preservation effect of the Whirlpool Lingdu Pro sterilizing and fresh-keeping refrigerator is also very good! Although 72 hours have passed, the ingredients did not show signs of wilting or drying. In addition, no frost was found in the entire freezer, and the freshness preservation effect was very good!


With the improvement of living standards, we often pursue large-capacity when choosing refrigerators, but ignore the volume of the refrigerator and the most critical function of food preservation and health. The Whirlpool Lingdu Pro antibacterial fresh-keeping refrigerator adopts an embedded design and is equipped with a 166L large freezer, as well as a fresh air fresh-keeping system and a Pt platinum nano-cleaning module to effectively prevent the taste of the food, as well as a built-in plasma generator, bacteriolytic film and inhibitor The bacteria cabin brings health protection to our food materials. The zero-freeze lock fresh cabin with a four-speed variable temperature mode can meet our needs for a variety of food ingredients. If you are looking for a large-capacity refrigerator that focuses on food preservation, sterilization, and virus removal, then the Whirlpool Lingdu Pro anti-bacterial and fresh-keeping refrigerator is a good choice!



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