The New ASUS ROG 5S Smartphone Has More Exciting Features

ASUS is More than Just an Affordable Brand

If we look at the current trend of smartphones in India, it is big companies like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, and Oppo that control the entire market. Even if we care for the advertisements and promotional campaigns that often appear in the print, electronic, and social media, it is again big brands that rule the roost.

However, there are brands like ASUS that have been present for a long time, and are known for their quality, reliability, and excellent after sales service.

Although popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter do not give space to relatively lesser known brands, there are upcoming platforms like Chingari, Vero, and Connected app which usually promote these brands.


It was one of these channels where I saw a very attractive ad for ASUS smartphones. It highlighted some amazing features of their new model that also boasted of improved RAM.

ASUS has been a known brand for the last over fifteen years in the field of computer, and laptop. It has never been among the top models, but is known for its reliability. As a matter of fact, when it comes to smartphones, there is not much difference in the specifications they offer. It’s up to customers to decide which particular model offers them great features along with a competitive price.

ASUS launched its latest range of smartphones called ASUS ROG 5S on August 16. Initially, the company tried to keep its specifications secret, but still some of its features were revealed before the launch. Essentially, these are gaming phones with powerful features. In the both models Asus ROG Phone 5s and its Pro version, you will find a lot of similarities.

ASUS has launched Asus ROG Phone 5s and its Pro version with powerful features.  Both the models are equipped with many features including Snapdragon 888 Plus processor, see what are the similarities and differences between the two.

Features of Phone

The handset is fitted with the latest Snapdragon 5G processor with 144Hz adaptive screen refresh rate. The ROG Phone 5S model offers a virtual RAM of 6GB. Asus had earlier launched a new version of its ROG Phone 3, the ROG Phone 3S.The ASUS handset has been provided with a full-HD + display.

There is also a Rogue Vision display on the back of the Pro model. However, this feature is not available in the Asus ROG Phone 5S model. There are also two additional touch sensors given on the back cover in the 5S model. In all probability, both ROG Phone and 5ASUS ROG Phone 5S will be identical in design and features like their earlier models.
It will include a notch-less screen with prominent top and bottom bezels and an in-display fingerprint reader.  The smartphone comes with a full HD+ screen with an option to switch from 60Hz to a maximum of 144Hz with an adaptive refresh rate.


Both ASUS ROG Smartphones are fitted with a powerful battery of 6000mAh rating which also supports ultra-fast charging. There are two front stereo speakers in the phone.

High Resolution Main Camera

The ASUS ROG Phone 5S will be equipped with three cameras fitted in the back.  Apart from a primary 64 megapixel camera, there will be a 13 megapixel camera with ultra-wide lens, and a 5 megapixel macro camera for taking pictures of smaller objects. If that is not enough, there will be one more 24 megapixel front-facing camera for selfies and videos.

Processor and Chip

The ASUS ROG Phone 5S will be powered with the latest processor from Snapdragon, and a RAM of 12GB besides an added 6 GB of virtual RAM. It will have a total storage of 512 GB.  It will have support from Android 11 and a 6,000mAh battery with 65W fast-charging support.


For high speed and multitasking, ASUS ROG Phone 5s and ROG Phone 5s models have been provided with Adreno 660 GPU for graphics.


Both ASUS Gaming Smartphones come with a 17 cm full-HD +Samsung screen. Besides having a good refresh rate, it also offers a touch sampling rate of 360 Hertz, and impressive peak brightness. For additional protection, Corning Gorilla Glass Victus has been used.


As far as connectivity is concerned; both models will have double SIM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, headphone jack and USB port. For enhanced security, the in-display fingerprint sensor has been provided in both the models.

RAM and Storage

ASUS Rog 5S model will have four RAM options of 8 GB, 12 GB, 16 GB and 18 GB while the Pro model has been launched with only 18 GB LPDDR5 RAM.  It will have a large storage of 512 Gigabyte, while ROG 5s will have three options -128 Gigabyte, 256 gigabyte, and 512 Gigabyte.

ASUS ROG 5s Price

ASUS ROG 5s model is available both in white as well as black colour. Talking of ASUS ROG Phone 5s Pro, the details have been given on the company’s official website but the price is yet to be revealed. Considering its specifications, the phone will cost anything from Rs 55,000 to Rs. 60,000.

Of late, there has been a sort of revolution in the smartphone segment. It is not only exciting times for the manufacturer but also the end users who are now spoiled for choices. Every brand in order to grab a larger pie of the smartphone market tries to emphasize on its features. They often pose as if only they possess more useful features, and consumers would get a better deal by going for their products.

However, now customers have become smarter, and they take such claims with a pinch of salt. They try to get as much information as possible about a new brand. They read the reviews of famous tech experts, and also check the claims that brands usually make.


Moreover, consumers also try to understand the usefulness of a particular feature. And most importantly, they also try to figure out whether they are getting value for money or not.

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