The Best Baby Toys to Boost Your Child’s Brain

What if your child can learn new things while playing with their favorite toys? Toys play an important role in the overall development of your child’s brain. In New Zealand, educational toys are a part of their study that can possibly help your child to grow their basic understanding in the most natural way possible. These toys help them to understand things from a new perspective and make them learn things instantly.

With so many toys in the market, it becomes important to know the right toy for your child according to his age. There are a number of baby toys online that can help your child to have a better understanding and they will be entertained for hours. The collection includes toys like wooden puzzle games and colors and patterns that help them to discover new things every day.

So, here we have listed some of the best baby toys that can help you in boosting up your child’s brain and can give him a better understanding of things.

Hape Baby Book Vegetable

This baby vegetable book encourages your child to differentiate between different vegetables. The colorful wooden pages attract them to identify different colors too. It consists of four pages with eight printed sides each and can be a perfect gift for a 2-year-old baby. This book is completely safe for your child as it is free from all the toxins. The colors are vibrant to grab their attention.

Hape Chunky Clock Puzzle

These are cute colorful bugs that contain 13 pieces that are placed accordingly in the relevant spaces. These help your child to learn numbers and also make them learn to see the clock and identify the time. They are made up of European plywood with animated prints on them to grab your child’s attention. It can be a great game for any puzzle lover which parents can avail from a baby online store in New Zealand.

Hape ABC Magnetic Letters

This magnetic letter game makes your child memorize alphabets in a fun way. It becomes very easy for them to identify different letters. It can be a fun learning exercise with them. There are 52 pieces and is a perfect gift for a 2-3-year-old child. Along with letters, it allows your child to learn magnetic mechanisms and a lot more new things.

Hape Solar System Puzzle

If your child is about 5-6 years old then it’s the perfect choice you can ever make for them in terms of games. It’s a solar puzzle game that encourages space discovery. All you have to do is re-arrange different blocks according to the guidebook. Once the puzzle is completed you get to know about the entire galaxy in it can teach your child a number of new things. Along with children, it’s a good game for adults too.

Hape Math Puzzle

This chunky wooden board with numbers on it introduces your child to math, numbers, and some mathematical symbols. The colorful numbers on it attract your little one to play with it. It has 24 pieces in all and is best suitable for children in the age group of 3-5years. They learn numbers and get introduced to maths while playing.

Along with these toys, there are different options in the market that you can explore for babies of at least 1 year otherwise, if you’re looking for something more productive or for a newborn baby then look for the best nappies available near you. They are useful and assure for peaceful night sleep for them. Other than this, you look online at also for different options and can seal great deals.


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