TheOneSpy Best Spy on Android Phone App, Complete Review

The smartphone devices connected to cyberspace have become pretty dangerous. Do you know why? Young teens love to spend time on mobile devices, and they are more likely to visit inappropriate websites on the browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, and many others. Parents are desperate to know what exactly kids are doing on their computing devices no time ever before. They become suspicious when the kid’s suddenly hiding their cellphone devices. You can use spy apps on teens’ phones to spy on their activities using the best spy app on android.

What is the TheOneSpy app for android?

It is a cell phone monitoring software that works on android phones secretly. It takes few steps to complete the configuration process. The cell phone monitoring software has a traditional and non-traditional set of features to spy on android phone. It is one of those spy solutions that can successfully hide the app icon on the target device.

It remains hidden on the phone, and no one can detect the application. You can monitor social messaging apps, read messages, record live phone calls, and track Live GPS location on the target device. The cell phone spy is easy to install on the target device. It is known as the best spy software for android.

OS compatibly:

TheOneSpy is compatible with any cell phone device running with Android 4.4.2 up to OS version 11.0. It is easy to install the application on rooted and non-rooted mobile devices.

TheOneSpy Exclusive Set of Feature:

The Android spy software has come up with several scopes over the recent years that have made TheOneSpy undisputed and No.1 spy application. Here are the following features you need.

VoIP call recording:

You can use this tool to monitor the social messaging apps’ voice and video calls in real-time and save the data to the electronic dashboard.


Users can take over the target android device front and back cameras and connect them with the online dashboard. You will see live streaming of android surroundings and watch what is happening.

Web filters:

It is one of the best features of android spying software. It empowers you to track and filter inappropriate websites on the target cell phone browsers.

Live surround listening:

You can take over android microphones as well and connect them with the dashboard. Users will listen to the surroundings in real-time and send the dashboard.

Location tracking without GPS:

You don’t need to track android devices without using the GPS. It is possible now with the best cell phone tracking software. You can send the message on the target device, and when the target person receives it, you will get the GPS coordinates to monitor and track live location.

Best spy app for android Traditional set of Features:

Here are the following features of cell phone spy for android that you can use on target device to monitor typical activities.

  • Live screen recording
  • Read messages
  • Social Media spy app
  • Screenshots
  • Location tracker
  • Browsing history
  • Call recording
  • VoIP call recording
  • Email spy
  • Password cracker
  • Keystrokes logging

These are the best features of phone spy software. You can install the monitoring software on any cell phone device and get insight into the cell phone for digital parenting and employee monitoring.

How to install TheOneSpy?

It is the best spy on an android phone app that you can install without an issue. Let’s get to know about the step-by-step process of android monitoring app installation.

Step1: Subscribe to TheOneSpy phone spy app

You can get your hands on the best spy on android phone app by visiting the webpage and get a subscription. The user will receive a password and ID. Further, you can install an android spy solution on the target device.

Step2: Get physical access on a phone

Physical access is necessary to the target cell phone and starts the process of installation. Once you have done the process successfully, activate the app on the target cellphone device.

Step3: Use Features after the activation process

Users can use the password and ID and access the web control panel. You can get their hands on the powerful features we have discussed earlier.


Best android spy is the solution that empowers you to have the best features, easy installation, and OS compatibility with the latest android phones.


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