Toughest Treks in Himachal

Triund Trek

Auden’s Col Trek

One of the most famous but the toughest treks in Himachal Pradesh is the Auden’s, Col Trek. Auden’s Col Trek is settled in the Uttarkashi district. And it is filled with so many wonders and unexplored. This trek was first discovered by a British explorer; John Bucknell Auden, thus it came to be called the Auden’s Col Trek after that.

The Auden’s Col Trek forms a ridge in between the Gangotri III in the northwestern region of Jogin I located in the eastern zone. You will remain fascinated by the enchanting beauty of the Auden’s Col Trek as you walk past the vegetation present there. The mountain ranges at Auden’s Col Trek are situated at a height of 5490 meters and it is also considered to be such a place where most of the people are not aware of till now that is the reason why it remains undiscovered for most of the time. You will come across a lot of glaciers, steep ridges and mountain paths, and moraines that will excite your courageous trekking journey at the Auden’s Col Trek. Though the term col means a smaller ridge.



Triund trek is located at a height of 7700 feet and it is considered to be the heart of Dharamshala and Mcleodganj. The BhagsuNag Waterfall at Mcleodganj is considered to be the highest waterfall that provides beauty to the eyes of visitors. Triund Trek’s night camping under the starlit sky is considered to be one of the famous activities to carry out along with trekking at Triund Trek. It is one of the toughest treks in Himachal Pradesh though but Triund Trek is an enchanting one as well. As you trek at the Triund alpine meadows you will be offered a scenic view of the Dhauladhar ranges and the glory of the Kangra Valley as well. Triund trek offers scenic beauty and it is a short two days trek exploring the unexplored beauty of nature at Triund Trek. The steep rocks and the Himalayan ranges emit serenity that will engulf you in no time.


Pin Parvati Trek

Pin Parvati Pass Trek located in Himachal Pradesh is settled at a height of 5319 metres. You can feel the enticing nature’s voice reaching out to your soul. The whole region seems to be covered in immense amounts of beauty.  But the most amazing and interesting part of trekking at Pin Parvati Pass Trek is the presence of lush greenery at the Parvati Valley while the barren grounds of Spiti Valley lie idle. Pin Parvati Pass Trek is one of the most challenging and the toughest terrain for trekking for many trekkers so it is always advisable that if you are a beginner in trekking do not set out on a trek at Pin Parvati Pass just like that. The lush greenery with the dense forests growing and the great valleys will thrill you in no time. Whereas, you can make a short visit to the various sights present at Pin Parvati Pass, especially, Manatalai where a temple of Lord Shiva is constructed and the lake present there will send in you a mesmerizing feeling of serenity. You will be feeling at ease as you move away from the hustle-bustle world that has engulfed you for a longer period.


Stok Kangri Trek

Stok Kangri Trek is considered to be a trans-Himalayan range that is located in Zanskar Mountains in the Himalayas and you have to travel from Himachal Pradesh towards Leh to trek at Stok Kangri. It is the toughest trekking zone and is never to be trifled with. It takes time to get used to the mountains at Stok Kangri during ascending or descending downwards. Stok Kangri is located at a height of 20180 feet which makes it one of the highest mountain peaks to trek at. You will be engulfed in the blissfulness of the magical aura under the night sky as you trek through the glacier during the night. You will walk on a line formed on the mountain ridge while you reach the summit of Stok Kangri. Stok Kangri will provide you with a panoramic scenario of the Karakoram range on your trekking journey at Stok Kangri. You will be offered a view of the entire frozen river Zanskar while you trek at Stok Kangri. The beauty of nature that spreads across the entire zone will make you sense the pleasant experience of being on the aesthetics of the Stok Kangri mountains. The village life of Stok will offer you an insight into their mountain lifestyle and it is surrounded by dense woods. It is approximately a 7-13 hours trekking journey at Stok Kangri.

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