How Long Does Weed Stay in the System of an Athlete

Well the storage of weed after usage varies for every person due to the fact that weed stays longer in the body which is unhealthy it’s a medically proved that weed varies in every person and on their health so in this article we will be providing you with every possibility that you can avail to make weed leave your body faster and even how to quit weed if you have guessed that its doing harm to your health and your life , keep reading to find out .

What is weed ?

If we talk about weed then we know that it is consumed by a plant named cannabis sativa . Weed is generally referred as pot , ganja , joint etc. It is one of the most illegally used drug worldwide whereas some countries has allowed its usage for medical purposes but then people use it to fulfil their desire whereas in most of the countries its illegal .The main chemical marijuana (weed) is THC tetrahydrocannabinol although the effects if THC are not dangerous for one or twice se but if the person has addiction then it could be quite harmful and dangerous for the health of the person, traces of THC can stay in you r body for weeks based on the usage ofcorse. So now marijuana, cannabis , THC or weed are all same .

How long does it stay in your body , in a normal persons body and then in athletes body , the storage of weed varies from person to person and does to does so we will talk about a normal body  non-athletic with a normal consumption which is 2 joint per week and then a normal person with chronic consumption which is 5 to 6 joints per week , and when we talk about an athlete’s body then there is a slight  chance that the traces of THC leave faster than they leave a non-athletic body the reason behind that is that an athlete is far more fit , he or she at least run a mile or two per day talk good nutrition and is healthier than a non-athletic body , it will leave a bit fast , there is a slight 5 percent faster leaving chance from the modern medical studies. The rate of weed leaving your body depends on your health and body condition , your immunity , you digestive , your sleep cycle and on other organ systems .

How long does weed stay in your body from one hit ?

If we talk about an athlete, if he has been attending practices and been walking or running a mile per day then if he has taken a joint then it will leave his body within 4 to 5 days not more than a week and is it’s the first time then the rate will be less in week, there will be no traces of weed in his blood with 5 days, medical researches how us these results .

As when a normal non-athletic person takes a joint for the first time then it will take 7 to 8 days for weed to completely leave his or her body.


Charts to see how long weed stays in a 

Normal Body   VS   An Athlete’s Body.

As we see as a normal person’s point of view, if he is healthy and his immunity is perfectly fine there is no last history of usage of any king of drug usage then there is a chance that weed will leave your body at the rate of leaving from an athlete’s body. Here is a chart of normal consumption in normal person which is non athletic and then an athletic body with chronic usage both in normal and athlete body.


CONSUMPTION PER WEEK                                                  LASTING RATE IN BLOOD

1.Normal Consumption in normal body                                  5 – 7 days

1 to 2 joints per week


2.Normal consumption in an athlete’s body                             3 -5 days

1 or 2 joints per week

3.Chronic consumption in normal body                                  25- 30 days

5 – 6 joints per week

4.Chronic consumption in an athlete’s body                         20 -25 days

5 – 6 joints per week

These all are the estimated time period of till when weed can last in your body with both normal consumption and chronic consumption , these results where well researched and doctors have observed the same , as we mentioned earlier that the weed lasting in blood varies for every body , the results may not be as same as we have mentioned but they will be quite near .

Is weed good or bad ?

To get know the reasons weed is either good or bad and if an athlete can take it willingly with having no consequences. if you are a sportsman and want to do weed then when you should stop if you have a test coming up the right answer is before 2 weeks. Weed can be detected by different tests and they can detect the weed anywhere in you body so you might not risk your sports courier after some random fun. weed is definitely bad it damages your certain organs that can lead you to a doctor.

Weed can be really harmful t the person addicted to it , which can cause  many damages in their body . there are different ways of using weed which can be really common among teenagers weed pipe, weed paper , weed joints .

Types of tests to detect weed.

  1. Saliva test: weed can be detected easily through a saliva test, if you have smoked a joint 2 days ago then your results will be negative though if it was a one time and you go for test after 5 days then there be no sign of THC in your blood.
  2. Blood test: blood tests are more reliable after 3 days of weed usage it can be detected in blood after one week there is no sign,
  3. Urine testing: This is the most authentic test which is basically used everywhere after 3 days of usage of weed it will be seen in your urine but after 9 days there will be no sign.

Hope we have helped you schedule your tests in you lately have taken weed.
Don’t use weed if you have :

  1. Lung’s cancer
  2. Synapsis issues.
  3. Breathing issues (Asthma).

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