What is Web Designing and How to Create More Attractive Web Design for Your Website Using WordPress.

Reasons why websites have taken over the world and has left televisions and books behind:

When we talk about web designing, we know that we are talking about internet and mobile phones even a toddler who doesn’t know the how and about of the world easily can access any information on the tablet that his parents have provided him. The new technology where are good and have a source of purpose while they are causing great damage to the new generation. When we talk about the internet, we know that we are talking about websites which when are successful turns into a worldwide using app. what are websites, and how they has taken over television, how they are made, why people do not use books and television to get the news while they simply search their question on google and get the answer of that question in seconds. Television is replaced with PCs, laptops and mobile phones, nobody cares to open a book and read for information, people have turned their way towards less time consuming websites that help them learn the answer of their query much faster , that’s the reason why web developers and web designers have turned their tables , everybody is busy making their business shine on web development and web designing because it’s the modern world and to stay in the race we have to learn about web designing and what are their uses, if you want to learn about web designing then you have just come to right place, read the full article and get to know all about web designing and all the questions which might come in your mind when you think of websites , web development , web designing , and also about the apps which help the person to create a website .

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What is the definition of web designing and why is it so famous in modern world?

When we talk about web designing then we have a lot of questions in our mind and seeing that web designers are certainly earning a good fortune due to their ability in making an attractive website for their clients, how does web designing development can be done, and is it a natural talent or you have learned about it, can you learn web designing online? all these questions will be answered here.

Web Designing VS Web Development.


Web designing : There are two process to create a website , Web development and web designing they both are entirely different , web development needs coding while wed designs is the setting of themes in the websites , its like adding topping onto a pizza after is its dough is cooked , web designing is as important as web development because without web design the website is like a white blank page , and how will customer be attracted towards such a dull thing , web design shows what the website has to give to the people who have opened their site , the websites can e of shopping , blog or anything the web owner want it to be about , web design is the reason why users are attracted towards the website , that is why there is a demand of good web designers worldwide .

Web  designing contains different processes that includes graphic designing, content production like if the website is about article and blog writer then there should be a content writer that offers content on trending topics, this all somehow includes in the feature of web designing, web layout is also an aspect of Web designing.

Web development : Websites come into being by web developers who use a markup language called HTML. Web development relates with the coding while in web design their are certain apps which can easily convert your desired design in to a code and you do not have to worry about the HTML or CSS.

Many other apps that have given the common users free access so that they could create an attractive webpage for themselves such as WordPress. This process has made it easier for people to learn about both web development and web designing so if a person who wants to start his own small webpage can easily create a website using the other websites and app such as WordPress which is free website creating platform , we have an entire article of WordPress which you will find on our website , make sure to give it a read so that you can get all the information you need to know about WordPress so that you can create a website for yourself without paying many dollars to any one for web development or web designing. you can use WordPress , Adobe Dreamweaver , Joomla for web development and web designing if you know how to use them , in this article we will tell you how to use WordPress to create an attractive web design for your website hoping that it would help you create a good web design for your website , Webmaster can also be used for adding content in your website which is another web creating app but it doesn’t help in web development it just helps you put content in your website which is SEO friendly

SEO:  Search engine optimization SEO is refereed as way to pick out the targeted audience which will introduce your website to the searchers globally it’s really a hectic task at the starting to find out the right topic and interest and news to provide on your website using right keywords and right key questions and you may need to invest a bit more in this thing than you expected but the results that come out are quite worthy too. There are different sites that allows the user to have a free trial for the new comers but once the trial has expired the person has to pay to get the keywords and key questions, these are important as keywords may also refer to the frequently searched questions.


Create an attractive web design for your site using WordPress .

  1. Find a domain name for your website you are about to create.
  2. Sign up for web hosting.
  3. Get WordPress installed.
  4. Pick a free WordPress theme for your site
  5. Try adding some SEO that will help you get the targeted audience ( WordPress and WordMaster will help you search for it )
  6. Start creating your pages and blog posts.

Make you web design look attractive by following these steps :

  1. Choose a customized table
  2. Select the color palette
  3. Select the typeface
  4. Create custom homepage
  5. Make your own customized navigation bar .
  6. Upload a custom favicon
  7. Customize footer

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