What Makes OgyMogy One of the Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone

The use of spy app or monitoring software is a common trend these days. That’s why there have been tons of options available in the market for the users. The main purpose of these apps is to provide facilities as parental control and employee monitoring. Moreover, the use of apps as personal data backup resources or just to facilitate oneself is also another major use of spy apps. Among any apps choosing the best is a difficult task.

One of the apps that we are especially going to discuss today is the OgyMogy.  No doubt the app is the best parental control apps for iPhone and Android. The features that make the OgyMogy app the best in many ways are as follows.

Available For Multiple Platforms:

OgyMogy spy app offers services for multiple devices. You can check out different versions for different devices. For example, you can use the Mac and Windows spy app version for tablet, laptop, and desktop computers. You can monitor the target person’s (teenager or employee) cellphone with android or iPhone versions. It is impossible that a workplace or household only has one type of device or software used by all the members. Thus instead of using a different spy app for every gadget., select the one that covers all of them.

Offer More Than One Package:

The option to select from more than two choices makes it relatively easier for customers to choose whatever is best for them. Moreover, it gives the user a sense of freedom as well. OgyMogy the best parental control app for iPhone offers a different version that comprises different time frames. Basic, Standard, and extreme packages offer to monitor feature facility for one month,6 months, and 12 months respectively.

No Discrimination In Terms Of Features For Different Packages:

In case you have had a bad experience with an app in terms of free trial or discrimination between basic and advanced package deals then don’t take it to heart. Don’t allow one bad app to sabotage the whole experience you might have if you choose a suitable one. OgyMogy offer all the feature uniformly to all the package deals without discrimination of basic, standard or extreme package selection. This makes OgyMogy one of the best app in the spy world.

Cloud-Based App:

OgyMogy is a cloud-based app that means all the data is saved on the web portal of the spy app User has given remote access to the portal. Thus you can access the online portal at any given time and can even download any recording to your device if you want.

Offer Log Sync Facility:

Another good point of the OgyMogy parental control app is that it offers a log sync method facility to its users. You can set data upload settings according to your needs and demands. You can complete on or off any specific feature settings according to the circumstances.

Device Status Check Option:

Check the device status of the target device like wifi, Gps, and battery status of the target device at any given time with the help of the OgyMogy spy app.

List of Miscellaneous Features:

A brief introduction of some of the major features of the OgyMogy spy app is given below.

Remote Camera Control:

Remotely control the camera of the target device and use the front and rear camera to capture the surroundings.

Mic Bug Feature:

You can live to listen to the surroundings of the target person by using the mic bug feature. It bugs the mic of the target device thus you can simply listen to every sound and chat happening around the device.

Access To Built-in Calendar:

Have access to built-in calendar updates with OgyMogy

Youtube Streaming History Tracking: youtube screen recording feature lets the user know about the youtube activities of the target.

GPS Location Tracker:

Track the real-time pinpoint location of the target person with a GPS location tracking facility.


Keylogger keeps the record of all the keystroke applied on the target device.

Real-Time Screen Monitoring:

Monitor the real-time screen activities of the target whenever you want.

Instagram Spy App:

Instagram spy app notifies about the Instagram activities of the target.

Facebook Spy App:

Know about a Facebook friend, inbox chat details, and much more with the FB spy app.

Snapchat Spy App:

No need to worry about the disappeared content as the Snapchat spy app of the OgyMogy keeps the record on a web portal.

WhatsApp Spy App:

Get into a private chat box with the WhatsApp spy app without letting your teen know.

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